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robotoboy20's gameplay for Flower, Sun and Rain (DS)

robotoboy20 played Flower, Sun and Rain

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robotoboy20 said...
  • happy
happy, with this detective title its fun and different I feel like I really have to figure out the puzzles and mystery's Caught the grey lady last night on ghost busters I gotta find somthing else to play before I run out of fun.....
Flower, Sun and Rain

Flower, Sun and Rain (DS)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Third-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date: 16/JUN/09
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I read about this game, the whole going back to the beginning of the day thing sounds really interesting
it does interesting things its more of a Suda 51 fan service if anything, it is a really good (yet really linear) brain twister of a game sometimes. but the bad news is....

its very boring for more action oriented gamers its rather slow as well....I cant really say its a good game, hmmm think phoenix only with 3D sprites and exploration....

I enjoy it alot but I cant give it props on intuitive or inovative gameplay its pretty ordinary I would say if you try it try it for story purposes....
well its an adventure game they hardly ever appeal to action oriented gamers. I think in the end adventure games are always about 2 things, the puzzles and the story, moreso the story
Oh I agree completley, most of the puzzles at the end just become trial and error anyways lol...
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